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Laeisz supports speed limit on the seven seas

CO2 emmissions caused by the shipping industry could be considerably reduced from one day to the other by imposing a speed limit on vessels. In the long run technical innovation will be required in terms of propulsion systems and maritime fuels, however, in the short run a speed limit could be a very efficient mean. The IMO will debate on this mid of May.


Trailer Lloyd equips it's trucks with visual turning assistant

Long before legal requirements come into force and in order to increase traffic safety, we shall equip all new trucks at Trailer Lloyd with a turning assistants. The visual turning assistants shall prevent the driver from ignoring other traffic participants in particular cyclists and pedestrians.


"Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe" takes place November 26 and 27, 2018

The biennial "Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe" has become the major conference for Sino-European business relations, attended by high-ranking politicians, business representatives and scientists from China, Europe and other parts of the world.

This year's summit will be attended by Mr. Liu He, Vice Premier of the State Council of the P.R. of China, Mrs. Margarethe Vestager of the EU-Commission and a member of the German federal government.

We at F.Laeisz are sponsors and great supporters of this forum


New Research Vessel enters the fleet

The Max-Planck-Instiute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany, (MPIC) has awarded the management of it's new scientific sailing yacht "Eugen Seibold" to Reederei F.Laeisz. The vessel will take up it's scientific research programme in the Atlantic from 3rd quarter 2018.


River cruisers doing well

With the fixture of the "Monarch Baroness" all 9 river cruisers of HAMBURGISCHE SEEHANDLUNG - daughter company of F. Laeisz Group - are employed for the coming years. Most of the owning KG paid around 5% in dividends last year and the segment is doing well.


F.Laeisz expands Quality Assurance

During it's annual ISO audit, F.Laeisz has also been certified according to ISO 50001 (Energy Management) and 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) and thereby sensibly expanded it's Quality Management System adapting it to the latest requirements. First priority was, is and shall be safe, environmetally sound and customer oriented operation of vessels


F. Laeisz receives Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

On the occasion of Marine Money in Hamburg on 23 February 2017 High Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority, James F. Kollie Jr., handed the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the President of the Republic of Liberia to our Niko Schües as an award for the many decades of close co-operation between F. Laeisz and the Liberia Maritime Authority.


YARA LPG Shipping takes over MV "Yara Aesa" at Hyundai Mipo Dockyards

The first of two 38.000 cbm LPG/Ammonia vessels for the account of YARA LPG Shipping is successfully taken over and shall trade world wide for YARA International ASA:


YARA LPG Shipping takes over MV "Yara Kara" at Hyundai Mipo Dockyards

The first of five LPG/Ammonia vessels for the account of YARA LPG Shipping is successfully taken over and shall be integrated into the in-house supply chain of YARA International ASA. Reederei F. Laeisz will manage all five newbuildings


F.Laeisz brings 5000-PCTC „Patara“ under German Flag

As a consequence of political support German Shipowners can run their vessels economically competitive under German Flag.

We use these new conditions to support education and employment of German Seafarers in order to safeguard know how for the future.


Peking comes back to her hometown

The PEKING - one of our legendary “Flying P-Liner" built in 1911 at Blohm and Voss shipyard in Hamburg - comes back to her homeport after so many years in New York.

The budget committee of the German Bundestag decided in November 2015 to support a new port museum in Hamburg and the transfer of the four-masted barque PEKING from New York back to Hamburg, including her restauration to a museum ship.  


F. Laeisz is awarded with the IBIS Award from NYK Line also in 2014

For the third time in a row NYK Line also in 2014 awards F. Laeisz with the IBIS (Innovative Bunker and Idle time Saving) Award. In terms of bunker consumption and on-hire our MV "Pona" and MV "Posen" were again the best among their peers.  


Yara International awards Reederei F. Laeisz with the shipmanagement of their new building programme

Reederei F. Laeisz is awarded with the ship management of Yara’s LPG newbuildings. Following 25 years of close and successful cooperation between Yara International, who is the global leader in the production and distribution of mineral fertilizer as well as the biggest trader/transporter of ammonia, and Laeisz, an agreement has been signed for the newbuilding supervision and ship management of Yara’s two 38.000 cbm and three 20.600 cbm LPG – Carriers to be constructed at Hyundai Mipo Dockyards in Korea.

“The basis for our decision is the quality, the responsiveness, and the knowledge of our systems that F. Laeisz has demonstrated over the past 25 years, ever since we first chartered LPG Carrier M/V “Bussewitz” back in 1991”, said Frederik Schütz, Head of Supply Chain Procurement at Yara.
Niko Schües, CEO of F. Laeisz, said: ”This contract is an important step for us to increase our industrial service business in shipping segments with barriers of entry, possibilities of differentiation and high quality awareness.”


DNV GL renews DNV GL Excellence - 5 Star certification

Within this year's office audit DNV GL has renewed the DNV GL Excellence Certifcate of Reederei F. Laiesz. Since 2008 we are one of only six companies being certified according to the highest quality standard set by DNV GL. With the certification we verify and confirm our commitment to the highest level of quality and on-going improvement of our activities in our organisation, ship operation and management.


F. Laeisz is awarded with the building consultany and the management of a new German research ice breaker

Reederei F. Laeisz has been awarded with consultancy service for the design and building and the shipmanagement of a future German research ice breaker. The vessel is to be delivered 2019 and the ship management of the successor of RV "Polarstern" together with the Neumayer-Station III in the Antarctica strech until 2025. Since almost two decades  the services in research shipping are an important part of our activities.


F. Laeisz receives NYK Line "IBIS Award Best Owner"  2013

After 2012 NYK Line has again awarded F. Laeisz with the "IBIS Award Best Owner" in 2013. Our MV "Pona" and MV "Posen" were best among their peers with regards to innovative bunker and idle time saving (IBIS) aiming to achieve optimal economic ship operations.


MV "Pontremoli" involved in rescue operation

On the 16th of October our MV Pontremoli, chartername ANL Benalla, received an AMSA request to assist an S+R-operation of a lonely sailor. After eight hours of full steaming the yacht, previously located by a civil airplane, was reached and shelter given against swell and wind.

At 04:00 h of the 17th the coastguard arrived but without the Pontremoli being there, they would have not been able to locate the yacht. Many thanks to Captain Radloff and his crew.

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