"FS Polarstern"

Taking on a new scope of activities


Nikolaus H. Schües, son of Nikolaus W. Schües, joins the company in 1993. This year marks the privatization of the former East German state-owned shipping company, the Deutsche Seereederei Rostock. A Hamburg-based merchant and long-time business associate of Laeisz, is particularly interested in the DSR's real estate and tourism activities and purchases the DSR jointly with Nikolaus W. Schües, who as a shipowner, is keenly interested in the shipping division. The fleets of both the Deutsche Seereederei (DSR) and the F. Laeisz Schiffahrtsgesellschaft merge into the Reederei F. Laeisz, a major step towards positioning the Laeisz group back among the leading European shipping companies.


In cooperation with partners, the “Hamburgische Seehandlung“ is founded in 1995 in order to enable the F. Laeisz Group to offer sound financial services on the capital market.


Martini Chartering is founded and soon becomes one of the leading broker firms for container tonnage.


The Schües family takes over all shares of Reederei F. Laeisz, thus becoming once again the sole owner, with a fleet of over 40 modern container ships, bulk carriers, reefers and ferries. The research vessel POLARSTERN, represented by the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven, is managed for the Federal Republic of Germany.


The two managing partners of the Reederei F. Laeisz, Nikolaus W. Schües and Nikolaus H. Schües, purchase all of the corporate shares, including all rights resulting from the rich history of the "Flying-P-Line", from the heirs of the open trading company incorporated in Messrs F. Laeisz. After 20 years, the circle of this interim stage in the long company history of F. Laeisz is closed.


The range of products of Hamburgischen Seehandlung, of which by now 90% of its shares are held by the F. Laeisz group, is widened into the area of renewable energies. For this purpose, the Hamburgische Energiehandlung is founded.


The global banking- and shipping crisis that began in 2008 left also its mark on the fleet of Reederei F. Laeisz. Due to the diverse fleet mix - car carriers have been added to the core fleet - and due to the conservative volume of orders the shipping company survives the storm.

Nikolaus H. Schües
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Research vessel "Polarstern"
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