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Good planning makes good travelling

Apart from the responsible tasks carried out at our offices at Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rostock, fleet management also requires the manning and inspection of vessels in operation worldwide.

All business trips of our inspectors, captains, crew members demand a high level of professionalism in the planning and organization of the journeys to and from their destinations worldwide. This task is undertaken with dedication and commitment with a 24 hour/365 days service by our travel agency Baltic Reisebüro Lufthansa City Center.

The service is not only available to our company, but it is also at hand for other firms, too.

Already for the past 20 years, this travel agency has been firmly established in the Rostock tourism and business travel sector. Since March 1994 it belongs to the Lufthansa City Center cooperation. In tourism as well as business travel excellent service is offered in all areas of an all-inclusive travel agency.

As a business travel agency the Baltic Reisebüro specializes in the guidance and support of corporate customers, in particular shipping companies.

Its specialists are at hand with competent solutions and expert knowledge for all kinds of queries starting with issuing of train tickets right through to booking a luxury cruise so that a holiday will become an unforgettable experience.

Customized solutions relieve the strain on resources and offer time advantages that can be used productively.  Excellent contacts to airlines ensure that all requirements before, during and after the journey are met in a quick, precise way.

Baltic Reisebüro Lufthansa City Center
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