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Quality bananas are making history

In Hamburg, the fresh fruit trade has a long standing tradition. Since the beginning of the last century Afrikanische Frucht-Compagnie GmbH (AFC) has been part of that history as one of the few pioneers of the European banana market.

In the 1920s AFC established its position with its own reefer vessels and the introduction of trademark bananas to nearly all European markets. In those days AFC had its own plantations in Cameroon where stable, fair and sincere business relationships with retailers and producers were founded. During the late 1950s, after an intermediate involvement in Liberia, AFC continued to establish the same solid business connections with experienced producers in the best banana growing areas in Latin America.

All of AFC’s decisions have always been and continue to be rooted on decades of experience, keeping the main focus on the interest of producers, retailers and consumers. This awareness has been reflected in the AFC corporate philosophy and culture from the very onset.

A healthy environment and the unison of mankind and nature is the basis for growing AFC's bananas, therefore the best possible humane working conditions are implicit for everybody involved in the process.

The compliance with and constant monitoring of the manifold IFS and GLOBALGAP criteria gives AFC's customers further extra security. Confidence is one thing – control quite another.

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